Federal Court of Appeals Reverses Dismissal of UMLC Lawsuit Against MN DHS Discrimination and Retaliation for Objections to Extreme CRT/Gender Identity “Training”

The Upper Midwest Law Center (UMLC) secured a significant legal victory on behalf of Aaron Norgren in a lawsuit against the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS). Norgren asserted that DHS violated his rights against religious discrimination and retaliation after he opposed DHS’s extreme “antiracism” and gender identity “trainings.”

Norgren formally objected to these trainings and was then refused a day off during severe weather. He filed a discrimination charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and then less than 3 weeks later was refused an opportunity to interview for a promotion that he had previously been told he was qualified for.

Norgren and UMLC argue that DHS’s actions violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. The District of Minnesota initially dismissed the case, but the federal Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals reversed, reinstating Aaron Norgren’s lawsuit against the state. The dismissal of the remaining claims made by Aaron and Joseph Norgren was affirmed.

“This decision sends a powerful message that individuals have the right to stand up against unjust policies and not experience retaliation for their beliefs,” said James Dickey, UMLC Senior Counsel. “We look forward to presenting the evidence of what happened to Aaron Norgren to the federal district court and the jury.”

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