Minneapolis Police Show-Cause Hearing Set For August 1, 2022

Following last week’s Minnesota Supreme Court decision in favor of the Upper Midwest Law Center, Hennepin County District Court has set the show-cause hearing in the Minneapolis police defunding case to August 1, 2022.  Mayor Jacob Frey was ordered by the Minnesota Supreme Court to either certify that the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) meets the staffing minimum set in the City Charter or show why the City has failed to staff a police force of at least 731 sworn officers. UMLC looks forward to seeing the evidence and hearing the explanation of what the Mayor and City Council have done to change that.

UMLC filed this suit on behalf of eight North Minneapolis residents in the summer of 2021 who are seeking to restore neighborhood safety by enforcement of the Minneapolis City Charter’s minimum police requirement. Read more about this case here.


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