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More UMLC Activity Against Critical Race Theory Indoctrination

by Doug Seaton, President of UMLC

In November and December 2021, and into January 2022, UMLC is advancing the fight against the plague of Critical Race Theory indoctrination. UMLC is opposing CRT in our schools and fighting for employees against actual “purges” of those who oppose this divisive, racist and anti-American ideology by our public and private sector employers. UMLC is also fighting against CRT’s twin: forced teaching and training on and acceptance of anti-Christian non-binary-gender ideology.

We defended our anti-CRT lawsuit against the Lakeville School District in federal court on December 21, 2021, on behalf of the Cajunes and other parents. We have sought an injunction against the District’s promotion of BLM and CRT and their refusal to affirm that “All Lives Matter” and “Blue Lives Matter.” We also filed a lawsuit against Honeywell for firing engineer Chuck Vavra for opposing implicit bias training at Honeywell. Mr. Vavra was fired for pointing out Honeywell’s racism. Similarly, we are in the final drafting stages of lawsuits against several other school districts, Hennepin Healthcare Services (formerly HCMC) and DHS for similar one-sided CRT and gender propaganda and retaliation.

These radical ideologies demonize all whites, males and heterosexuals as “oppressors” and label all other groups as “victims” and the “oppressed.” They seek to divide Americans and pit us against one another by race and other “identities,” in violation of the discrimination laws and our country’s promise of equality before the law and “liberty and justice for all.” UMLC does not intend to allow these left-wing extremists to do so and will continue this fight as long as our supporters stand with us to enable the fight.

Please donate if you can at www.umlc.org/donate, and add your name to our mailing list below.

*Edited Jan. 31, 2023*

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