MPCA’s Adoption of California Car Rules Hurt MN Auto Dealers

UMLC is representing the Minnesota Automobile Dealers Association (MADA) in a new lawsuit opposing the state’s California Car Rules, initiated by the Walz administration’s Pollution Control Agency (MPCA).

The California Car Rules require car manufacturers to sell to Minnesota dealers more electric vehicles than the market will bear. The MPCA claims that the California Car Rules are necessary to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But Minnesota does not have air quality problems like California, and Minnesota consumers will not just start buying electric cars just because dealers carry more of them on the lot. The end result of the California Car Rules is no air quality benefit with auto dealers forced to take major losses because they are stuck with a fleet of new vehicles that Minnesota consumers don’t want.

Most important for the lawsuit, though, is that the California Car Rules are illegal. They give Minnesota’s authority to make air quality regulations to California’s regulators. This is beyond the MPCA’s rulemaking authority. The lawsuit also details how Minnesota does not qualify for the “California waiver” to the federal Clean Air Act because the air quality issues are not the same in both states.

The UMLC is proud to represent the MADA in this case against the poor decision making from state leaders. Learn more information about the lawsuit here.

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