UMLC Submits Appeal to Minnesota Supreme Court Over California Car Mandate 


Thursday, March 2, 2023


Chris Mulcahey [email protected]

UMLC Submits Appeal to Minnesota Supreme Court Over California Car Mandate 

Golden Valley, MN – This week, the Upper Midwest Law Center, on behalf of the Minnesota Auto Dealers Association, has appealed to the Minnesota State Court seeking to overrule the Walz Administration’s attempt to impose the California auto emissions rule on Minnesota.

In January, the Minnesota Court of Appeals wrongly decided to validate the state’s Rule granting the California Air Resources Board dominion over Minnesota’s motor vehicle emissions standards.

“Minnesota law forbids one agency from writing rules for another agency,” stated MADA President Scott Lambert.  “In this case, the California Air Resources Board is writing rules for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.  The Court recognized these facts but inexplicably ruled in favor of the state anyway.”

The result of this mandate forces auto dealers to take significant losses because they are stuck with a fleet of new vehicles that Minnesota consumers don’t want.

“The Court of Appeals decision sets a dangerous precedent that Minnesota’s can cede their rulemaking authority to California regulators,” said James Dickey, UMLC Senior Trial, and Appellate Counsel. “Our Constitution prohibits this. So does federal law, and there is no good policy reason to impose California’s draconian emissions standards, implemented due to serious air quality problems Minnesota does not have on Minnesotans. We look forward to making our argument supporting auto dealers from across the state in front of the Minnesota Supreme Court.”


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