Protecting Student and Parent Rights Toolkit

We at UMLC have seen example after example of public school districts in Minnesota advancing aspects of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and non-binary gender ideology in their classrooms and teacher trainings. These examples range from outright adoption of CRT in district policies to what appear to be child-directed “ethnic studies” lessons promoting victimhood, to the imposition of lessons on a “gender unicorn.”  

We have helped many parents across Minnesota obtain information about these practices to enable an informed discussion with principals, superintendents, and school board members, but we know there is much work to do. Transparency and accountability are not things that will simply happen without involved parents taking time to ensure school districts or rogue teachers are not teaching racist and divisive political agendas to students. We have therefore created this Parental Rights Toolkit to help parents begin the process of investigating what is really going on in their district.