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UMLC applauds AFSCME Council 5’s opposition to Walz vaccine mandate

As reported by Tom Steward of the Center of the American Experiment, AFSCME Council 5 announced strong opposition to Governor Walz’ vaccine mandate for state employees. UMLC applauds Council 5’s opposition to the state employee vaccine mandate. Council 5 said in an October 5 letter:

AFSCME Council 5 does not support a vaccine mandate. Though we understand the importance of achieving as high a vaccination rate as possible, and we encourage all of our members to seek advice from their medical provider regarding receipt of a COVID-19 vaccine, we understand some people have personal, medical or religious reasons which factor into their individual decision and their decisions should be respected.

UMLC opposes one-size-fits-all vaccine mandates as a term of employment. UMLC believes that employees with personal, medical, or religious objections to each of the COVID-19 vaccines should not be required to take the shot, especially public sector employees. UMLC has helped employees around the state obtain exemptions from employer vaccine mandates consistent with employee rights under Title VII.

And while UMLC is currently engaged in litigation against AFSCME Council 5 for illegally deducting dues from employee paychecks, we believe that it’s important to praise our litigation opponents when they do the right thing.

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