UMLC Case Updates: The Fight for Justice Continues

Upper Midwest Law Center is excited to share a couple of recent case updates that underscore our commitment to justice, accountability, and individual rights. Let’s dive into the latest case developments!

Demanding Accountability in Education: Anoka-Hennepin Teachers’ Union Case

We’ve just taken a significant step in our case against a subsidy of the teacher’s union for the Anoka-Hennepin school district. At the heart of this matter is the improper use of paid leave for lobbying, political activities, and similar actions by the teacher’s union, all funded by taxpayers. Our just-filed brief seeks judgment against these practices and asks that taxpayer resources be appropriately used for educational purposes. 

Defending Personal Beliefs: Amicus Brief for Pharmacists

We are excited to announce the filing of an amicus brief in support of a pharmacist who is facing a legal challenge for refusing to fill a prescription for Ella, an abortion-inducing pill, based on his personal religious beliefs. The case involves a woman represented by Gender Justice, a left-wing public interest law firm, which has a history of pursuing controversial cases. Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison has also joined in support of the left-wing firm and their client. We are countering their arguments and advocating for the pharmacist’s right to his personal convictions.

Your continued support enables us to take on these critical cases and work towards a more free and fair society. Together we’re making a difference and ensuring that justice prevails!

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