UMLC Protects Your Rights Against Cancel Culture

In March, the Center of the American Experiment (CAE) was set to host a discussion on the rising violent crime rate at Rochester Golf & Country Club. Under two days prior to the discussion, the club abruptly canceled the event when activist members demanded the cancellation because of their political opposition to CAE. The Upper Midwest Law Center immediately filed a lawsuit in Olmsted County District Court seeking breach of contract damages against the club and damages for tortious interference with contract against the activist who spearheaded the effort to “cancel” CAE.

Despite the attempt to “cancel” CAE, it was able to successfully reschedule the event, with over 200 in attendance to discuss trends, rise of criminal activity, and prevention methods in the state of Minnesota—nearly four times the original attendance projected at the club. UMLC and CAE then settled the lawsuit with the club, with them agreeing to pay CAE $5,300.48 to cover 100% of its costs for the cancellation.

UMLC was happy to represent CAE in this blatant violation of CAE’s contract rights. We work every day to seek justice for individuals and groups that have had their rights trampled for political purposes. This is just one of many examples in Minnesota of an organization bowing to “woke activists” who seek to limit freedom of speech to stop debate over important issues of public concern. UMLC stands strongly against cancel culture and its attempt to stop robust political debate over important issues.

The Upper Midwest Law Center is readily available to help those facing similar injustices.

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