Minnesota Capitol

UMLC urges Minnesota Supreme Court to uphold Attorney General transparency

On January 12, 2022, UMLC represented Energy Policy Advocates in oral arguments against Attorney General Ellison before the Minnesota Supreme Court. You can view the oral argument here.

In Energy Policy Advocates v. Ellison, UMLC’s client seeks data which the Attorney General has been hiding from the public. The data relates to AG Ellison allowing a New York University School of Law climate law group funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies to pay for 2 attorneys to work in the AG’s office and bring climate-change and environmental lawsuits against fossil fuel industries and other environmental cases. The case also involves AG Ellison’s communications with other attorneys general around the country related to environmental and climate-change related policy.

You can read about the NYU program here. Please consider a tax-exempt donation to UMLC, and sign up for UMLC communications related to government transparency efforts below.

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