UMLC Welcomes New Trial and Appellate Counsel: Alexandra Howell

As the Upper Midwest Law Center (UMLC) keeps growing, we are excited to introduce the latest addition to the team, Alexandra Howell, who will join us as a trial and appellate counsel. Alexandra, or Allie, has a proven passion for justice and a commitment to solving the most complex legal challenges. Allie joined UMLC because she is determined to protect the values of the people of the Upper Midwest and fight back against government overreach and other unlawful abuses. Her expertise in legal research, writing, and interpretation of the law makes her a valuable asset to our organization as a Trial and Appellate Counsel.

She brings an impressive academic background: Dean’s List at Hillsdale College and Dean’s Circle Fellow at the University of Notre Dame Law School where she earned her J.D. degree. During her studies, she was part of various internships and fellowships across the U.S., ranging from economic policy to journalism, and legal research.

While in law school, Allie worked with the Institute for Justice and the Notre Dame Religious Liberty clinic, where she was first exposed to public interest litigation work. It was at this time that she found out she loved to dive deeply into legal precedents to craft the best possible legal arguments.

After graduating, she worked as a law clerk for the Seventh and Eighth Circuits, where she further honed her skills while working with Appellate judges. Additionally, she learned about the importance of values such as confidentiality and communication, both for a healthy attorney-client relationship and as part of a strong legal team.

Being part of the team is one of the most exciting things for Allie. She believes, “Working as part of a great team makes everyone better. My approach to being part of a team is knowing—and embracing—your role.” Joining UMLC, she hopes to work with her colleagues to produce the best possible work when helping people stand up to government overreach and other unlawful abuses.

In her free time, Allie also enjoys soccer, and listening to podcasts about economic and legal issues, and she loves cats and dogs.

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Alexandra to the team. We are sure her proven work ethic, experience, and values will align perfectly with our mission.

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*Allie is currently licensed in Washington, D.C., and her Minnesota bar application is pending.

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