Minnesota Law Weekly | Episode 20: New Election Law Limits Free Speech, Protects Unions

Watch the twentieth episode of Minnesota Law Weekly. Governor Walz’s recently signed HF/SF 3 into law, which allows felons to vote before they have completed their sentences, gives Attorney General Keith Ellison the power to sue citizens for what he deems as false speech and shuts down corporate political donations but exempts DFL-friendly labor unions.

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Help UMLC stand up against the unconstitutional agenda in St. Paul.

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Minnesota Supreme Court ruled largely in favor of the Upper Midwest Law Center’s challenge to the Secretary of State’s absentee ballot processing rule, which the Secretary had interpreted as allowing virtually any signature to satisfy the statute’s signature match requirement for absentee ballots. The Upper Midwest Law Center represented the Minnesota Voters Alliance and three absentee ballot board members in the case.
The Upper Midwest Law Center (UMLC) recently submitted a reply brief to the federal Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals (COA) as part of UMLC’s appeal seeking a reversal of the District Court’s decision to dismiss Joseph Norgren’s and Aaron Norgren’s lawsuits based on the department’s violations of their violating their First Amendment and federal employment rights. 
Watch the nineteenth episode of Minnesota Law Weekly. The legislature has been moving fast and furious in both houses of the legislature to fundamentally change major Minnesota laws and policies. Education law has not been spared that treatment, as bills are passed granting money based only on race and requiring CRT in Minnesota schools as a fundamental principle in our education standards and curricula.

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