The Public Interest Legal Foundation, represented by the Upper Midwest Law Center, filed today with the Secretary of State’s Office the first of several complaints against county auditors across Minnesota who have failed to uphold their obligation to remove duplicate entries from Minnesota’s Statewide Voter Registration Service (SVRS). The Foundation filed these complaints after its research uncovered hundreds of duplicate voter registrations in Minnesota, and the Secretary of State’s office disclaimed responsibility for keeping the SVRS clean, pointing instead to Minnesota’s county auditors. 
Three residents of Bloomington, Minnesota filed a lawsuit on Thursday, August 18, 2022, challenging the City of Bloomington’s failure to place a proposed charter amendment to repeal Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) on the November 2022 ballot. The Upper Midwest Law Center is teaming up with attorney Greg Joseph to represent the three petitioners in the case.
The Minnesota Court of Appeals held that the Secretary of State may, by rule, revoke the statutory discretion given to election judges. The Legislature’s law requires that an election judge be “satisfied” that “the voter signed” a ballot and must compare signatures to determine that the voter signed a ballot if there is an identification number mismatch. In conflict, the Secretary’s rule does not allow any rejection of a ballot even where there is a signature mismatch—only where there is a “different name” on the ballot and the application for the ballot.