UMLC Welcomes Summer Law Clerk Noah Manalo

We are thrilled to introduce our newest summer law clerk, Noah Manalo, who has joined us at the Upper Midwest Law Center (UMLC) to embark on a journey of public interest law and advocacy. Noah is a talented and passionate individual dedicated to defending civil liberties and promoting education rights.

Hailing from the South Hills area just outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Noah brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Having completed his 1L year, he is now enrolled in a joint degree program with Pitt’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, pursuing both a J.D. and an M.P.A. Noah’s commitment to expanding his expertise across multiple disciplines sets him apart from his peers and provides a holistic approach to his legal career.

What makes Noah particularly remarkable is his background in education. Having recently completed a Master’s in Education and served as a high school teacher, he uniquely understands the challenges and opportunities in education law. Noah’s passion for defending civil liberties in education will undoubtedly fuel his work at UMLC as we seek to impact this crucial area positively.

His candid and engaging interview inspired Noah to join UMLC. We are honored to have been Noah’s choice for his clerkship and are excited to provide him with a rewarding experience during his time with us.

Noah brings an array of interests and talents. He is proficient in nine instruments, has mastered the martial art Tang Soo Do, and possesses conversational skills in multiple languages. These qualities reflect his dedication to learning, which will enhance his legal research and advocacy skills. Noah is set to embark on a new chapter in their personal life. He will marry his wonderful fiancé Beka in late June.

Noah’s passion for advocating pro-freedom legal decisions, particularly those related to the First Amendment’s protection of speech and religion, deeply resonates with us at UMLC. We share his enthusiasm for championing cases that uphold these fundamental rights in Minnesota and nationwide. His commitment to pursuing justice and civil liberties aligns perfectly with UMLC’s core values.

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