Preserving Your Voice: The Battle for Election Integrity

The Upper Midwest Law Center (UMLC) stands at the forefront of safeguarding election integrity in Minnesota, recognizing its crucial role in upholding the foundations of our constitutional democratic republic. We engage in legal battles to ensure that every Minnesotan’s right to fair and secure elections remains intact and aim to prevent any erosion of trust in our electoral processes. With the state under total left-wing control, the need to ensure election integrity has never been more urgent.

Here’s where we are actively engaged:

Minnesota Voters Alliance et al. v. New Minnesota Voting Law: UMLC recently filed a lawsuit challenging the recently passed voting law in Minnesota. The new law grants felons still under sentence but on supervised release the ability to vote in our elections, directly contradicting constitutional law. If the legislature wants to fundamentally change our constitution, they must put a constitutional amendment to a vote of the people of Minnesota.

Here are ways we’re making a difference:

Minnesota Voters Alliance v. Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State: In 2022, UMLC challenged a rule enacted by the MN Secretary of State that conflicted with the state statute requiring absentee voters’ signatures to be matched to their applications. In 2023, The MN Supreme Court ruled in favor of UMLC by rejecting the Secretary’s interpretation, ensuring that ballot boards cannot accept absentee ballots where identification numbers are mismatched and the ballot application and return envelope have different signatures. 

Public Interest Legal Foundation v. Hennepin, Ramsey, Olmsted, Dakota, Nicollet Counties: UMLC threatened five lawsuits against five counties in Minnesota because they had duplicate voter registrations on their voter rolls, and we successfully got hundreds of duplicates removed. We are still fighting against Ramsey County but they have already removed almost all of their duplicate registrations because our threatened lawsuit pointed out their errors.

Ensuring balance on absentee ballot boards: In 2022, UMLC sent numerous letters to different counties to ensure that they had party-balanced election judges making up the county absentee ballot boards, rather than county employees. Several of them had not passed up-to-date resolutions after the Minnesota Supreme Court’s March 2022 decision requiring party-balanced election judges so we successfully enforced the decision.

In an era of uncertainty, UMLC remains a steadfast champion of democracy. We are committed to preventing any and all compromises to our electoral system and protecting our nation’s founding principles. We will not stand by while the pillars of our constitutional democratic republic are under assault. Stay tuned for case updates and developments. Make sure you sign up for UMLC email updates to be the first to know!

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