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Golden Valley, MN – Today, the Minnesota Court of Appeals (COA) overturned the Hennepin County District Court’s decision ordering Minneapolis to immediately take any and all necessary action to ensure that they fund and employ a police force of at least 731 sworn officers, or more, as required in the city charter. The Court of Appeals notably described the Upper Midwest Law Center's (UMLC) legal position as “logical,” and the concurrence described the Court’s own opinion as “illogical.” 
The lawsuit challenges an administrative rule adopted by the Secretary of State that conflicts with the Minnesota statute requiring absentee ballot board members to verify that absentee ballots belong to the voter named on the ballot and ballot application. The challenged rule limits the situations in which a ballot may be rejected to only those where the name signed is clearly a different name than the name of the voter as printed on the signature envelope.
(Golden Valley, MN) Upper Midwest Law Center’s (UMLC) lawsuit claims on behalf of Northland Baptist Church, Pastor John Bruski and Living Word Christian Center against Governor Walz’s discriminatory restrictions on Christian worship were sustained, and Attorney General Ellison’s motion to dismiss denied by Federal Court Order on March 30, 2021. These claims will go forward to trial per the Court’s Order.