New Year, Same Mission for Freedom and Justice in Minnesota

In the relentless pursuit of justice, the Upper Midwest Law Center stands at the forefront, challenging unjust laws and defending democratic-republican constitutional principles. Here are the battles we’re currently facing in 2024:

  • Political Targeting of Dr. Scott Jensen: The Board of Medical Practice is wielding its investigative power as a weapon against Dr. Scott Jensen for his vocal stance on political issues. We’re staunchly defending Dr. Jensen’s right to express his views without unwarranted interference.
  • Felon Voting Law Concerns: A new law allowing felons to vote before completing their sentences directly contradicts the state Constitution. We’re committed to upholding the integrity of our electoral process.
  • Anti-Speech Law: Attorney General Keith Ellison’s newfound authority to sue citizens for what he deems false speech poses a threat to our freedom of expression. We will always defend Minnesotans’ fundamental right to speak their minds.
  • Taxpayer Subsidized Political Lobbying: Public employee unions are compelling taxpayers to subsidize their political activities, a misuse of public funds. This is an abuse of power and taxpayer dollars.
  • School Board Suppression: UMLC is taking on cases where school boards punish members for asking tough questions and defending constituent speech. We’re committed to ensuring democratic dialogue thrives in educational institutions.
  • DEI and Gender Indoctrination: State employees are facing woke Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and gender indoctrination that challenges their rights and beliefs. We are staunchly defending the individual liberties of these employees.


In these challenging times, your support becomes even more critical. Stand with us as we navigate these legal battles, ensuring that the principles of democracy and individual freedoms prevail.

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